Bruce Wayne is so famous…

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…he only signs his first name on store receipts:

That’s from the animated Batman episode “Holiday Knights,” adapting most of the stories from this Batman Adventures special. It’s a nicely paced episode, squeezing four stories and multiple villains into a 20+ minute runtime without making it feel cramped, and with enough clever storytelling to avoid making it feel like just a bunch of fight scenes.

This is also the episode that introduces 1) the new, younger Robin (who gets his origin told in the next episode in sequence) and 2) the somewhat simpler and more streamlined character designs. Most drastically changed is the Joker, who now has pitch-black eyes and is quite a bit more creepy:

Though admittedly, he was quite creepy before the redesign, but at least there was some semblance of recognizable humanity in his face. Demented, evil humanity, but still a human being. This redesign…man, that’s just all monster, there.

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