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In honor of the release of Eric Powell‘s newest comic book, Chimichanga, Employee Aaron had a chimichanga for lunch. No, he didn’t eat the comic, he had a chimichanga from the bar ‘n’ grill down the street, but if had eaten the comic, it would have looked like the above. LOOK AND LEARN, FRIENDS.

Anyway, it’s a fine comic, and you all should buy it. Not eat it. Well, okay, eat it if you want, just give me your money for it first.

In other news:

  • Who likes the free comics? You like the free comics!

    First, it’s the long-awaited third installment of the world’s greatest comic about a Luchador gorillia scientist/surf-guitarist, El Gorgo! Available in multiple downloadable formats, and it’s all completely free! (And here are number one and number two, if you need to catch up!) It’s comics as God intended, so go read ’em already!

    Second…”What? ‘Second,’ you say? But Mike, surely El Gorgo #3 is more free comics than we sinful, miserable comic readers deserve! Can there possibly be more?” Why, yes…yes, indeed, my friends, there are more free comics to be had from your special internet friends Chris Sims and Matt Digges at Action Age Comics: it’s The Christmas Chronicles of Solomon Stone, available, like its spiritual brother El Gorgo, in many a download friendly format. And did I say it was all for…FREE? Because it surely is.

  • My friends, prepare for genius: Bully the Little Stuffed Bull in “Bully of the Lantern Corps” – may be too cute for the cuteness-appreciation impaired. All the hoopla surrounding the Blackest Night event, all the effort we had to put into obtaining and distributing the plastic rings…it was all worth it for this.
  • A big “huzzah” to our pal Gilbert Hernandez, upon his becoming a Rasmuson Fellow and scoring a $50,000 grant. Drinks are on you, buddy!
  • E-mailed to me by everyone on planet Earth, which should probably tell me something: construct your own Sluggo papercraft toy. (Superdeformed Darth is kind of cool, too.)

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