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It had completely slipped my mind that the volume 3 hardcover of Beanworld, out this week from Dark Horse, was going to be brand-new stories. I spotted it on the invoice earlier in the week, went “oh, more reprints, hope they start doing new stuff soon,” and continued on my merry way. But, nope, it’s 200+ new pages advancing the Beanworld storyline even further along, and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s also a strange experience to be reading an extended Beanworld storyline after about a decade and a half of the title’s publishing dormancy (aside from some short bits here and there). Once again my need’s been awakened to see how the whole Beanworld story eventually works out, while at the same time never really wanting it to end.

In conclusion: huzzah, more Beanworld!

Some other stuff came out this week, too, but all I’ve read was Beanworld and…

  • Blackest Night: The Flash #1 – I’m glad these Blackest Night tie-in mini-series are 1) only three issues long, and 2) only $2.99, so it’s not that much a dent in a pocketbook. And this series is Barry versus the Rogues, and that’s very welcome. It repeats that bit of business about the Rogues having a “secret cemetery” for their comrades in the Flash’s stomping ground of Central City…seems to me that given the number of times the Flash “searched the entire city” at super-speed for a bomb or a missing person or what/whomever, he would have noticed the secret cemetery. Unless there’s a brief explanation for this I missed and/or forgot that you’re all about to tell me in the comments.
  • Adventure Comics #4 – Yeah, I know, this came out a few weeks ago, but I put in a reorder and apparently got the last copies the distributor had…which all turned out to be the 1 in 15 variant cover. Huh.
  • The Boys #37 – Did glance through this…may singlehandedly set back relations with the French a few years. But, it looks funny, and The Boys is a good comic, so sorry, France!
  • Fall of the Hulks Alpha – I haven’t yet talked myself into picking this up, yet. A flip-through didn’t impress, but I may need to get it just to know what’s going on in the regular Hulk titles. Feh.
  • Glamourpuss #10 – I continue to be the only reader of this comic at this store. I guess after everything, I still like watching Dave Sim draw stuff. Plus, this comic is just so damned peculiar. Fashion model parodies mixed with classic comic strip art appreciation…a strange mix, but fun nonetheless. Also, this issue has a swell Gene Colan cover.
  • JSA All Stars #1 – People sure liked showing me pages from this comic on Thursday…in particular, all the ones with Power Girl in various positions and states of dress. I haven’t gone looking for the online outrage, but I’m sure it’s there.
  • Little Lulu Vol. 21 – Another great book from Dark Horse this week. Classic John Stanley comics in color? Okay, sure, I’d like that.
  • Popeye Vol. 4 HC – Plunder Island – Another collection of the classic strip, and it continues to be great. I’ve been going through it and I swear, I’ve probably found a dozen contenders for the sidebar icon pic on my site.
  • Siege: The Cabal – Was trying to explain to a friend on Twitter that crossovers of today are a different animal from the ones in the ’90s, in that they all tend to lead more or less smoothly from one into another…there’s no year-long break while the next Event gets slapped together. Everything feeds either one crossover or another. Anyway, that’s what I have to say about this comic, which I’m sure is fine at what it does.
  • Thor #604 – Well, let’s see if the non-JMS Thors continue to sell well.

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