"The Adventures of Jemmy Levitz."

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So as I’ve mentioned several times before on the site, I’m slowly working my way through Batman: The Animated Series DVD season sets thanks to the Netflix. In this episode from season three, “Trial,” the Joker is presiding over a, well, trial in Arkham Asylum with a captive Batman as the defendant. And instead of paying attention to the equally-captive D.A. as she attempts her defense, the Joker is enjoying some reading material:

That of course is based on the classic DC Comics humor series The Adventures of Jerry Lewis, complete with the ’60s go-go check design!

Okay, sure, the front cover is on the wrong side of the book, unless it’s an advertisement for the next issue or something. Or hell, maybe the Joker just tore the cover off and glued it to the back. He is the Joker, he doesn’t care about mint condition!

Here are a couple of closer looks at the cover, including a nice shot of the logo, a brief glimpse of a Jerry Lewis caricature, and a word balloon with the word “LADY” inside the comic:

And here’s another time Jerry Lewis appeared on a Batman TV show:

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