That I’m the first person people think of when they see "Swamp Thing" still astounds me.

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Just to reiterate: I didn’t dood it. Can’t say why you all would think this was one of mine. (HINT: If you find yourself offended by a specific entry, chances are I wrote it.)

And now…some random things here and there:

  • Chris Sims and Eugene Ahn present a new episode of the War Rocket Ajax podcast where they interview writer Chris Roberson. BONUS CONTENT: Special guest Dr. K sits in!
  • A few quick reactions to some comics I read this week:

    Irredeemable #8 – I really like this comic, I can’t wait ’til each new issue comes out, but man oh man I swear it feels like it takes no time at all to read it.

    Brave and the Bold #28 – Three issues of this series written by JMS, three smacks square in the head by the Moral-of-the-Story Sledgehammer. And yet I have no intention of dropping the book, because 1) I like the mixes of characters so far, and coming in the announced future issues, and 2) there is an odd fascination in seeing the characters used in these just-this-side of out-of-character ways.

    Adventure Comics #4 – The more Superboy-Prime becomes explicitly a criticism of certain types of fan behavior, the more hilarious he becomes. Honestly, the panel where he exclaims “The Internet! Of course!” literally did make me laugh out loud. And that he gets his own marked-down-to-half-price action figure essentially rubbed in his face is fantastic. Yeah, I know this is very much a “comics eats itself” kind of thing, but I don’t care, I’ll take amusement where I can find it.

  • Don’t know that I ever showed this to you…a drawing I received from a certain Mr. Hembeck about a year or so ago:

    Fred gave us some sketches to give away with copies we sold of the Hembeck Omnibus, and included that one for me. Pretty awesome.

  • Wow, Andrew came up with a Nobody’s Favorite that even I had some trouble remembering.
  • Ragnell writes about recent Green Lantern events, and how she’s totally okay with what happened to one of her favorite characters, instead of starting an online petition or something.
  • I asked on the Twitter for someone to step in and write today’s post for me, and Twitter-pal Toddster replied like so:

    “Bleep blorp Sluggo blip bleep Swamp Thing blahdity blahdity teen magazines!”

    I suspect this really is how I sound all the time. BLOOP BEEP.

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