A quick Friday update.

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  • General consensus about that ad from yesterday is that it’s Mort Drucker, which is someone I’d actually briefly considered until I discarded that thought for no real good reason. One person had my back on my Angelo Torres guess, thankfully, so it wasn’t just me!

    One person mentioned what an Al Jaffee tampon ad might be like, showing cross sections and such, but of course it would have to be a Fold-in: a full-page drawing of a bunch of people at a party or whatever, and then you fold it in and the details at the sides of the drawing suddenly form into a big pic of a tampon.

    …Aaaand that’s enough tampon talk. For now.

  • Chris Sims and Eugene Ahn posted a new episode of the War Rocket Ajax podcast earlier this week, where they interview the folks behind the Twisted Toyfare Theatre strips in Toyfare magazine! Also, they want letters to be read on a future episode, so get crackin’. “Dear War Rocket Ajax, I never thought this would happen to me, but….”
  • Close personal internet friends have created Mangaviews, a hub for manga reviews. Manga isn’t really my thing, but this looks like a nicely designed site, and perhaps some of you folks will find something of use therein.
  • REMINDER: I’m still a contributing Bureau Chief over at Fake AP Stylebook, if you want to pop on by for a few grammar laughs. It’s really taking off, and we’re having a blast doing it. Here’s a nice article on its creation and the folks involved, including lots of fairly well-regarded comic bloggers.

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