At long last, I have a post with "Gorilla Aliens" in the title.

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So I was going through some of my boxes the other night and came across a couple of these pack-in comics Dark Horse produced for the early 1990s Aliens action figure series. They’re 16 page mini-comics, measuring about 4 1/2 by 4 inches, centered around whatever character/critter figure with which the comic was distributed.

Unfortunately, I don’t have them all…I only bought figures of the actual Aliens, and thus, alas, I do not have the full Space Marines Versus Aliens story serialized in the mini-comics. But, by God, at least I do have the Gorilla Alien: Jungle Attack comic:

That’s a swell Mark Nelson cover you’re seeing there…Nelson being the fellow who drew Dark Horse’s original six-issue Aliens mini-series way back when.

Art chores inside this particular installment were by a pre-Starman, way pre-Ex Machina Tony Harris. This is a nice shot, showing the Gorilla Aliens on the move:

And here’s a Gorilla Alien gettin’ Blown Up Real Good:

Some of the other minis had some interesting creators involved, like Dave Johnson drawing the Ripley installment, which kind of makes me wish I’d gone ahead and picked up the rest of the figures in the line. Especially since I remember seeing them on clearance racks for $2.99 a pop for a couple of years after their initial release. Ah, well…can’t buy and store everything.

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