Just a fraction of the new funnybooks this week.

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  • Ambush Bug #7 (of 6) – Sigh. Anyway, scheduling issues and numbering shenanigans aside, I’ve mostly enjoyed this new AB series. Some of it felt like it was trying maybe a little too hard, and some of it did feel like the old, seemingly effortless zaniness of the originals. But, overall, it was good to have Mr. A. Bug back on the shelves again.
  • Bart Simpson #50 – Features the debut of Sergio Aragones as a regular contributor to the title. I do so love the Sergio, so I’m greatly looking forward to this.
  • Batman: The Killing Joke New Printing – Apparently the final printing in the original squarebound comic Prestige Format, and using the original coloring. This is nice, since I’ve had a number of people interested in the story but not wanting the new, recolored hardcover edition, and all I have of the comic book versions is the first printing. Oddly enough (and I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before), this comic was reprinted, what, seven, eight times, with tens of thousands of extra copies? And yet I never see the reprints in collections…it’s always the first print. Go figure.
  • Groo: Hogs of Horder #1 – That’s two Sergio comics this week! Excellent.
  • Ignition City San Diego Comic Con Edition #1 and Auxiliary Edition #4 – Seems like every week there’s yet another Auxiliary or Supplemental or Random Comic Con Edition of this particular title, of any given issue.
  • Invincible Hercules #137 – Have I mentioned this is my favorite Marvel title? This is my favorite Marvel title. Just the right mix of super-melodrama and outright goofiness.
  • Muppet Peter Pan #2 – These comics never fail to make me smile. Well, at least make me frown less. I’m a bit of a frowner. :(
  • New Mutants #6 Zombie Variant – Please. Just stop.
  • Vincent Price Presents: The Tingler #1 – Probably one of my favorite Vincent Price films…”Scream! Scream for your lives!”

    I think, in one of my End of Civilization posts, I mentioned that this series should come with built-in electric shockers to replicate the original movie presentation. Alas, customers who buy this book from us will just have to settle for the gentle kiss of my taser, so that they may enjoy the full Tingler experience. No need to thank me.

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