Yes, another link post…sorry, been busy.

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  • I’m getting a lot of e-mails about this post of comics strip mash-ups by Ryan Dunlavey, including a Nancy & Sluggo/Sin City crossover you won’t soon forget. Dunlavey does a superior job mimicking the different art styles, and all the strips are very funny. “Spy Vs. Spy Vs. Alien Vs. Predator” is an especially good’un.
  • Those no-good sons-of-bitches Chris Sims and Eugene Ahn have inflicted yet another War Rocket Ajax podcast upon the world. I warn you…don’t listen to this terrible, terrible podcast! Fear it! Shun it! Oh, sure, they might try to lure you in with their interview with fine writer Matt Sturges, and sure, it guest-stars folks from that vastly superior podcast Awesomed by Comics, but don’t let them fool you! In the name of all that is good and holy in the world do not download the latest episode of War Rocket Ajax! Don’t let them kill again!
  • Andrew whips out another Halloween-themed Nobody’s Favorite, and it’s one we had a little fun with around these parts when that particular story was coming out.

    Andrew also has a post about two horror-film tie-in video games for the Atari 2600. To think these were “controversial” at the time! Now they just look sort of quaint, almost like you’re playing little abstract paintings. Still fun, though!

  • Tim reviews three recent comics from Marvel and DC in his usual entertaining way.
  • …And Kevin and Ming should have a new installment of their strip The Loneliest Astronauts up at noon EST on Tuesday. Ming draws this comic beautifully, and Church supplies some strong gagwriting, and the whole work is just this wonderfully packaged bit of art that, if there’s any fairness in the world, will be eventually collected into a nicely-designed hardcover.

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