Lantern ring, do your thing.

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  • So you know those multi-colored Lantern rings that a Comic Shop Near You will hopefully be getting over the next few months and distributing to the customers in what I am sure will be in a fair and equitable fashion? Shops got samples of each of the rings (save the Black Lantern rings, already received weeks ago) to use for promotional purposes, like, say, me ‘n’ Employee Aaron wearing ’em around the shop like the fashion plates we are. When we received the sample black ring in advance of their arrival at the shop, my wearing it around the store resulted in lots of requests from customers on how one could obtain a black ring of their very own. And sporting the yellow ring recently has resulted in similar inquiries.

    I only bring this up because I see folks selling full sets of the rings on the eBay. And apparently not just pre-selling the rings prior to release…there are people selling sets of the actual promo rings that stores received a week or two ago. I’m guessing these are shops doing so (it can be hard to tell without an attendant “About Me” eBay page), but it seems a shame to go for the short term profit rather than using the rings in-store to encourage some excitement about the related funnybooks. Then again, maybe these stores aren’t reaching the sales plateaus required on the specific DC books you had to purchase in order to receive the rings, so they don’t need the promos and who am I to judge?

  • Bully the Little Stuffed Bull is probably too young and sensitive to be reading such scary comics, but I’m glad he did this Separated at Birth post featuring a certain swamp creature of some note.
  • In other Swamp Thing news, RetroCRUSH did a list of The Top 20 Pop Culture Plants, and Swamp Thing puts in an appearance (though with a superfluous hyphen) at #4, right between Jack’s Beanstalk and Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree. Surely fine company to be in.
  • In other other Swamp Thing news, Reader Jef told me a tale of spotting a drink called a “Swamp Thing” on a menu and, my site looming large in his mind as it does in all people about to make important drinking decisions, gave it a go. He describes it thusly:

    “The drink consists of lemon, lime, whatever fresh herbs they have handy (this time I got parsley, chives, and mint, all picked from planters at the bar) muddled together with sugar, Pimms, gin, and a bit of soda water. It was a pretty funky drink, but I would probably order it again.”

    And he also photographed it thusly:

    Well, that’s certainly very yellow-ish. I wonder what the Arcane drink would look like? Probably filled with insect parts, I’d imagine.

    Anyway, thanks to Jef for sending this along…I got a kick out of it!

  • My Canadian twin Steve recently posted that much discussed Batman/Joker/Naked Catwoman pic drawn by Bruce Timm to illustrate all the horrible stuff that would corrupt the minds of children should they even see the barest hint of it in their cartoons…so of course this marks the second time I’ve linked the image on my site. But I did so just in case the Photobucket image disappears…I now have a back-up source. Plus, it gave me a chance to say “NAKED CATWOMAN” on my site again, because brother, bring on the perverted Google search referrals in my site logs.
  • So in the last week or so, I saw this in Green Lantern Corps #41:

    …and since the bad guys didn’t come out of any kind of glassware, I’m assuming that’s supposed to be “vile.”

    And I saw this:

    …from right above the logo on Titanium Rain #1.

    Okay, nobody’s perfect (except, if I may quote Employee Timmy, Jesus and Batman), and goodness knows I’ve made my share of spelling errors and typos on this site, and I’m sure there are probably one or two or a dozen right here in this very post for you folks to jump on and mock as soon as I publish this. But I also don’t have any editors (“Noooooooooo!” “Quiet, you.”) and I’m not asking you to pay out $3 to $5 per entry to read my site, so long as you don’t count my subtle gesturing toward yonder PayPal Donation button. And while we’re a long way from, as I recall, Valiant Comics’ consistent inability to tell “it’s” from “its” or “who’s” from “whose,” it’s still just slightly embarrassing to see these errors creeping in. (And before any Marvel fans get too smug, please enjoy.)

  • And speaking of which…you have been reading Fake AP Stylebook, right?

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