This post contains terrible things, and I apologize.

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And now…a creepy moment from The Flintstones:

from The Flintstones #24 (January 1965)

That was next-door neighbor Weirdly Gruesome popping in for a nocturnal visit at his pal Fred’s house. Don’t worry…Weirdly was only measuring Fred for a new suit he was going to give him as a gift. Or so he claims.

In a follow-up to yesterday’s post about Flintstone Kids #2 (Oct. 1987), here is what our Stone Age Native — American? — had planned for our young Flintstonian friends:

Yeah, he was totally going to eat them. Man, our Native American friends never catch a break in the funnybooks.

Reader Matthew had an alternative follow-up panel to yesterday’s presentation:

I find this strangely upsetting. Even though I’m sure Barney probably had it coming.

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