"You need a fudgie."

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So I’ve been looking through some of my Dell Comics Peanuts issues recently (as you may have been able to tell from the last couple of Sluggo Saturdays and Sunday’s post), and I’ve found myself strangely fascinated by these Kraft candy ads from the back covers:

And as hideous a chimera as the Beaverbear is, the magical chocolaty imp that is Frisky Fudgie is slightly more unnerving:

Now, the point of Frisky Fudgie is that, upon being consumed, his fudgy goodness provides that extra burst of energy that, in this particular case study, Billy requires to, quote, “shoot a long one” into the basket. So what we’re seeing in that strip there is apparently the ghostly spirit of Frisky Fudgie flying around the court. While his physical body is currently being broken down by Billy’s gastric acids, the soul of Frisky Fudgie, not yet gone on to its reward, tries to perform one last act of charity before having final judgment passed upon it by the Great Confectioner in the sky.

Though I suppose, looking at it another way, the poltergeist-ish altering of the game’s outcome is at best interference, at worst cheating (as also noted here, where Frisky is performing similar antics at a baseball game*), so who knows how Fudgie’s final act will tilt the scales.

* For simplicity’s sake, I’m just going to assume there are multiple fudgy fellas named Frisky, and it’s not all the same Frisky Fudgie being consumed and providing help from beyond the grave, because otherwise we start getting into candy reincarnation, and I’d hate for this discussion to descend into silliness.

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