Or maybe I worry too much.

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Now I really do enjoy this series, but for a title with a reputation of sporadic publishing, and whose fans therefore don’t expect to see it on the rack on a regular basis, having the cover of your book look like this:

…is just making it more difficult for readers to spot that this is the Astro City funnybook they like so much when scanning the rack. We corrected for this at the shop by putting a sign on shelf identifying the comic, which seemed to help. But placing the title on the cover in small print in the upper right hand corner, among a bunch of blurbs of various typefaces and sizes…well, the “Where’s Waldo” approach to logo recognition is not one I’d recommend.

At least the title still begins with “ASTR” so that, for stores racking their books alphabetically, it’s in the same place in relation to other titles. And it’s really not that big of a deal. But even so, the fewer barriers between a book and a reader picking it up, the better.

In other news:

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