Oh, yeah, totally forgot about these.

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So a couple of months ago, we were joking about Dick Tracy villains at the store, and over the course of our discussion I knocked out a handful of super-quickie sketches to illustrate some of our ideas. And then I completely forgot about said drawings ’til I found a trio of scans of them on my little flash-memory-stick-thingie.

And here you go…three Dick Tracy villains that never quite made it. Or maybe they did, I don’t know…I haven’t read every single strip:




Okay, that middle panel is supposed to be a hand holding a gun. Look, I sketched out each of these very fast. Also, as I was putting this post together, I remembered one of the reasons why I held off posting these back when I originally drew them: I can’t shake the feeling that someone’s done that “Dick Tracy Strip Face” gag before, like in Mad Magazine or something. Or maybe I’m just thinking of the Kryptonian Thought Beast. However, if I inadvertently copied someone with any of these drawings…sorry!

Anyway, there you are, some quickly-done bad drawings by yours truly. Enjoy the horror!

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