I’m probably not hiding in the bushes just outside Kevin Church’s house.

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  • Sometimes I don’t do a good job keeping up on all the Swamp Thing links like I should (even with a Google Alert set up for that particular topic) so I appreciate it when swell cats like Tom help me out a bit. In this case, Tom reminded me of this recent post by legendary Swamp Thing artist Steve Bissette in which he discusses the artwork done for the ST cartoon merchandise from the early ’90s. You may remember that I’m the proud owner of several pieces of said merchandise (including the “fuzzy slippers” Bissette mentions in passing), so I found this article to be quite interesting. The particular focus of the article is on who did the actual artwork…the inker was obvious to anyone who’d read Swamp Thing, but the penciller, not so much. Read the article (and the comments!) for the discussion and the eventual solution to the mystery!
  • This is one of my favorite things that pal Dorian does, aside from the oil massages NO WAIT IGNORE THAT…er, it’s Dor’s movie trailer reviews. Always a hoot.
  • Another Dorian link: employee Aaron gave Dor a drawing.
  • Kevin Church and TJ Kirsch’s new webcomic She Died in Terrebonne is well underway…the first five strips (1 2 3 4 5) were released over the last week, and new strips will come every Thursday from this point forward.
  • And Kevin’s other strip (with cohort Benjamin Birdie) The Rack just had a wedding, and you can see the special moment right here, in full glorious color by El Gorgo‘s Tamas Jakab.
  • And to complete my triumvirate o’Kevin stalking, take a look at this thing here Mr. Church posted on the Twitter. EDIT: And, oh ho, what’s this?
  • I can’t think of any way to introduce or explain this better than just saying “Street Poet Ray versus Angel Love.”
  • Behold the badass unicorn.
  • Pal Scott finished posting all the extant pieces of his aborted comics story Heartache Saloon, so go, enjoy. Seriously, I love his art style. If he ever gets tired of that book-writin’ thing, surely the high-finance world of alternative comics awaits.
  • A big congratulations to Tom Spurgeon’s five year anniversary of The Comics Reporter, an absolutely indispensable resource for anyone interested in the world of funnybookin’.
  • And now…ROM tribute art.

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