And now…Conan the Barbarian puffy stickers from 1984.

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Let us open the Tome of Conan Stickers,

and see what we find:

The exciting puffy Conan logo.

“Oh, wow, man, there’s my logo up there above me, and there’s another beneath my feet, too. Far out.”

Conan takes his lion-creature-thing for a brisk run around Cimmeria State Park.

“Conan finds your Lex Luthor cosplay to be inadequate! EAT MACE.”


Oh, if only there were some kind of “facial injury” sticker I could add to my collec…

…Ah, there we go.

One Response to “And now…Conan the Barbarian puffy stickers from 1984.”

  • Greg Reynhou says:

    I have a package of unopened Conan Puffy Stickers from 1984. Do these have an established collector value? Thanks in advance,

    Greg Reynhout