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So in response to my post from the other day talking about “anti-sign” superhero logos, Adam noted that ’80s Superman supporting character Gangbuster had such a logo:

Yes, that’s right, Gangbuster just hated fists:

So look out, Kit Fisto! Look out, Iron Fist! Look out, Fist of the North Star! Look out, Fisto! Look out, F.I.S.T.! Gangbuster will find you, and defeat you with…er, well, fisticuffs. OH THE IRONY.

  • Men weep, women swoon, and children cry out in terrified delight, for the new War Rocket Ajax podcast has been unleashed. Join Chris Sims and Eugene Whose-Last-Name-Is-Ahn as they toe that restraining order line with classy cartoonist Colleen Coover! Delete all those other lousy podcasts from your iZune, and put this on instead. You won’t regret it.
  • Related: take a look at these Man-Thing sketches by Coover and studio-mate Jeff Parker. WARNING: cutest Man-Thing drawing ever at link.
  • So that guy Kevin Church just started a new year-long webcomic project with artist T.J. Kirsch: She Died In Terrebone: A Sam Kimimura Mystery. Promises to be good ‘n’ moody…kicks off with daily strips introducing the cast, then moves to a once-a-week schedule.
  • There’s a new group comics blog in town, this one masterminded by Alan David Doane: it’s Trouble with Comics, featuring a heapload of established funnybook bloggers. It’s just starting out, so we’re just barely past the introductions, but let’s see where it goes. Good luck, guys!
  • Andrew has a new installment in his Nobody’s Favorites series, and it’s a good’un. It’s a character that even made it onto Smallville, somehow…though to be honest, the character feels more like it belonged on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, which is a weird distinction I’m not sure I’m up to explaining. Probably something about the character’s particular motivation fitting more with the goofy romantic soap opera elements of the older TV show than the running-in-place “will Clark ever learn to be a hero?” elements of the newer show.

    That’s a lot of evading any clues as to whom Andrew is discussing, I realize. Though I imagine some of you guessed already, if you haven’t clicked the link.

  • I sold pal Dorian a bunch of cheap black-and-white-boom era funnybooks, and Dor just started to have some fun with them.
  • Which reminds me: I’ve been joking about how Boom! Studios should start a special black and white imprint and call it “The Black and White BOOM!” I’ve been bothering the employees with this, and now it’s on the site and out of my system. Also, I’m the only one who’s amused by this, so I apologize.
  • Via Neilalien: half-n-half Peter Parker/Spider-Man “Spider-sense…tingling!” costume. It’s damn near perfect.
  • So I always link to Dave’s Space Cabby Sunday posts, which you should be reading because, well, look at you — you’re clearly not getting your required allotment of Space Cabby intake. But dig this: Ken Lowery was doing $1 Terrible Sketches at a convention in support of his project The Variants, and Dave picked up a Terrible Space Cabby Sketch, which is awesome.
  • I too mail-ordered a Terrible Sketch from Mr. Lowery, and friends, I got my money’s worth:

    He’s saying “Just as I suspected. POGs.”

    This drawing is Terrible, and I love it.

  • A special thanks to Reader Sharon, who was nice enough to gift Progressive Ruin Headquarters with Volume 2 of the Swamp Thing TV show DVDs. That was very nice, and much appreciated!

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