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promotional advertisement sent to retailers (October 1986)

While this is all-around bad-ass, the most bad-ass thing about it must be the fact that the drawing attached to the logo – the “anti” sign over the vial of crack – appears to be what the ‘Busters are actually wearing on their chests. No questioning of purpose with these guys.

I’m trying to picture similar logos for other superheroes, except that most super-types tend to be a little more open regarding the scope of their activities. Though I keep picturing Superman with a chest logo of an “anti” sign over a bald scientist’s face. He had to deal with a couple of different bald scientists early on, you know.

I was thinking a “no guns” emblem for Batman, but that doesn’t seem quite right. Maybe an anti-sign over a picture of a young Bruce kneeling between his dead parents, right smack dab center on Batman’s chest. …Yeah, okay, that’s a bit morbid. But you get the idea.

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