A comic you’ve already heard too much about; a smattering of links.

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So a quick Googling tells me this is old news to current comics internet chatter, but my curiosity about where else Green Lantern foe Nekron has appeared turned up Green Lantern Annual #7 from 1998. The story? Dead Green Lanterns come back to life as a bunch of nogoodniks, and Nekron appears to be involved, somehow:

That third caption at the top reads “Instead of the Corps, I’ve found the Green Lantern Corpses!” Some deathless prose, there, eh, kiddies? heeheeheeheehee! [/cryptkeeper]

Yeah, the annual (and its possible precursor status to Blackest Night) has already been discussed in excruciating detail here and there on the ‘net, but I wanted to post this page because seeing this old-school GL digging out of his grave made me laugh and laugh for no good reason I can easily explain, aside from my own innate cruelty:

I find weird things funny, I realize.

In other news:

  • Dr. K, a real life college professor, has just started a new feature on his site: Blackhawk Wingsdays! A new Blackhawk story discussed every Wedesday, and believe you me, the man knows his Blackhawk.
  • Pal Dorian discusses more comics, by request.
  • Andrew digs up another Nobody’s Favorite, and…woo boy, the bottom of the barrel gets deeper every week.
  • Apparently there’s been some kind of behind-the-scenes shake-up at DC Comics. As I mentioned on Twitter, part of me secretly hopes Paul Levitz just quits DC and starts editing The Comic Reader ‘zine again.

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