So we’re having an in-store No New Comics Wednesday sale…

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…with 25% off all in-stock graphic novels. And hey, if you’re reading this, you can get in on it, too. Send me an e-mail, or even give me a call (805-653-2732) and let my soothing tones lull you into a shopping dreamland, and if we have it in stock, you’ll get it at the sale price (plus our very reasonable shipping costs). Offer ends at midnight tonight, Pacific time (and you’ll have to e-mail me after 6 PM, since I won’t be answering the phone at that point). And if you can’t get your order in before midnight…well, I can probably be talked into extending the deadline a bit.

And feel free to ask me for other stuff, too. Back issues, action figures, trading cards, whatever. If we have it, I’ll be happy to offer it to you.

Okay, I don’t often go for the blatant commercial announcement here on the site, but a combination of a slow-ish end of summer/September and some recent enormous distributor bills have things a bit tight around here, so I hope you’ll forgive this intrusion. I wouldn’t do it if we couldn’t seriously use the scratch.

Thanks, internet pals!

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