Friday I’m in links.

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1. I’ve been getting a handful of submissions from some of you out there who have their own ideas about what Arisia was saying. I’m planning on running a few here on the site on Sunday, so tune in then for more Big Laffs. Or, of course, take the opportunity to send yours in right quick.

2. Reader Mike sent along a link to a fellow’s custom-made statues, including one of Swamp Thing. The Ex Machina one is pretty cool, too. (And has Neilalien seen the Dr. Strange “Sanctum Sanctorum” diorama?)

3. Tom sent along a link to his site, Brand Man to the Rescue, which features his resume in a kinda-sorta Silver Age-y comic book format. Pretty neat, I thought. (And in case you’re wondering…he is currently employed!)

4. While I’ve been enjoying Justice League: Cry for Justice for the most part, the third issue did have a bit or two where, perhaps, things weren’t thought all the way through (I’ll let Sims get into it), I did want to put in a good word for the book’s text pages. This is some fun writing on comic book and character history, and even though I suspect the cover price had an extra buck tacked on for the privilege, the text pieces are a great addition to this series. It reminds me of what editors had to do to fill their letters pages for the first issue or two of a series, until they started getting letters to print.

4a. I had to go back and correct the previous bit, because I’d typed “Justice League: Cry for Dawn.” Now there’s a crossover I wouldn’t hold my breath for.

5. Found a guy on a DC Comics message board attempting to claim Justice League of America #200 (1982) wasn’t all that. Forget you, Message Board Guy: Justice League of America #200 is a saint!

6. Digging back that far into the Progressive Ruin archives turned up a link I’d posted that may be of interest again, now that Disney’s back in the news (after, you know, all those decades of hardly hearing anything at all about the company): Die Duckomena, your one-stop shopping for Fine Art Disney. It’s all entirely terrifying.

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