I thought about looking for a sample video of Wolverine and Kitty, but you can go look yourself.

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So last night on the Twitter, the topic of Nena’s hit song “99 Luftballons” came up, in the context of its usage in the Watchmen movie. I noted that any mention of “99 Luftballoons” (or the English version, “99 Red Balloons”) would remind me of a parody of the song by Tim Cavanaugh, entitled “99 Dead Baboons,” which used to pop up a lot on the Dr. Demento radio show in the ’80s.

Anyway, I went Googling about for some info on the parody, and found a Youtube video for the song. Not an official video, but rather a fan-made video where someone accompanied a playback of the song with a bunch of anime imagery:

Now, I’m familiar with the idea of fan-made music videos on the YouTube, where someone would, say, pull out-of-context stills or clips from the X-Men: Evolution cartoon, string ’em together into a slide show where it sort of implies that Wolverine is banging the gong slowly with Kitty Pryde, and then have it accompanied by “All Out of Love” by Air Supply.

I may be exaggerating slightly (very slightly), but in that theoretical case with Wolverine and Kitty, I can at least see the motivation of the person who made the video. But the parody song with the (seemingly) random anime pics? Just don’t get it. Unless the person was just being deliberately obtuse, but who knows?

I did look briefly into the YouTube comments for any info…yes, yes, I know, someone saying they’re going to look at YouTube comments is like watching a secondary character in a slasher film decide to wander off into a darkened hallway. You can’t help but think “no, you idiot, don’t do it!” And you’d be right…all looking at the comments did is make me fervently hope the Swine Flu will wipe out humanity.

So, anyway, there you go: “99 Dead Baboons,” with bonus anime. I find you people of Earth to be most peculiar.

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