Okay, I finally finishing watching the Watchmen DVD.

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While there were several things in the Watchmen that were changed from the comic, most didn’t bother me a whole lot. Particularly in the first half of the film, where most of the changes were done to streamline the story to keep the narrative under the three hour mark. And that’s fine.

But a couple of things did bug me quite a bit, like altering Rorschach’s final speech to the psychologist (a gutwrenching piece in the original), or Dr. Manhattan’s speech to Laurie about changing his mind about humanity (close to the original, but somehow simplified, “dumbed-down,” and less convincing), but the one omission that bothers me the most? Leaving out the final confrontation between Adrian and Manhattan:

The filmmakers at least recognized that the “nothing ever ends” line should be in the film, but as I complained last time, giving the line to another character to relate as something Manhattan “might say” sure undermines its impact.

Anyway, that was the one thing that really bothered me the most. Yes, more than changing the actual climax of the film, which I’ve already gone on about in that old review of mine. Sometimes the new ending bothers me, sometimes I get what they were trying to do…I have mixed feelings about it. But, eh, I’ll deal.

Also, not enough Seymour.

So, did any of you folks rewatch the Watchmen movie in its DVD release? Did you alter your opinions on the film at all?

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