I knew someday I would eventually post a link to a British aquarium-care magazine.

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Kid Chris: “Hey, Mike, post these on your site as a swipe file!”

Me: “Well, maybe later.”

Kid Chris: “C’mon!”

Me: “Okay, fine.”

And that’s how yesterday happened. And just to be clear, no one thinks anyone was actually swiping anybody. We’re just amused by the similar poses. So there.

Anyway, from New Comics Day:

Normally when new Archie comics come in, we rack them on the All-Ages-specific rack we have by the front of the store, across from the register, next to the All-Ages-specific book shelving. However, since we had some extra copies of Archie #600 (the special Marriage Issue) kicking around, I racked some along with the regular superhero and indies New Arrivals rack…and sure enough, we picked up some sales from folks who don’t normally buy Archie books. Even had one fellow who’d been coming in for years declare that this was the very first Archie comic he’d ever read. Ultimately, however, it looks like we’ve got enough copies for the time being.

Also, I have to think about my orders on the forthcoming debut issue of Models Inc., which apparently got some media coverage about three or four months ago since it’s going to feature some cable reality show guy. (Okay, fine…Tim Gunn, Project Runway, etc.) I guess that’s all well and good, but I’ve heard exactly NOTHING from anyone looking for this comic. Usually, when something gets media coverage, I’ll get some nibbles, even if it’s months ahead of time. But…nada. Not a sausage.

Well, okay, Kid Chris told me one guy made a sarcastic “oh, I’m really looking forward to that” comment, but that’s been pretty much it. However, Gunn apparently was on TV Wednesday plugging the book again, so I’ll see if anyone says anything today about it before I have to turn in the final orders.

Regarding some previously-received comics, we’ve sold through yet again on the Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps mini-series, and general consensus among the employees is that displaying the three interconnecting covers on the rack side by side seemed to encourage sales. Fortunately, issues 2 and 3 are still available for reorder, and there’s a second printing of #1 on the way, so I’ll go ahead and order another batch.

And this is being reported to me by my faithful shop underlings: Marvel found a way to pick up sales on Amazing Spider-Man again, and that’s with Mary Jane Watson covers. Folks like the sexy MJ, even this, um, really plastic-looking version that I made fun of in a previous End of Civilization post. (My rejected joke: “In this issue, Peter gets a Realdoll!” …If you’re lucky enough to not know what that is, don’t Google it up.)

I don’t have an ending to this post, so here: read about the Batman fish.

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