COMICS: A couple of brief items.

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  • So remember when I was going on about all those different colored Lantern rings, and boy howdy, how I’d like to have some of my very own? Well, DC will be offering promotional rings for all the rest of the various-colored Corps!

    Just yesterday, I was hoping that sales wouldn’t flag on the latter Blackest Night tie-ins. These rings may help forestall that, if we offer a ring with purchase of the associated tie-in title, given that giving away Black Lantern rings with purchase certainly helped sell copies of Blackest Night #1.

  • Diamond is skipping a ship week between Christmas and New Year’s Day this year, which means no new comics that week. Bit of a shocker, there, and one I’m not entirely thrilled about. However, December does tend to be a strong month for sales, not to mention we’ll get that post-Christmas traffic from folks with gift money and gift certificates (the latter of which usually used to subsidize purchases of items far greater than the certificate’s value)…we should be able to ride out a week without new product. I’d rather have new product…even a minuscule amount of books, like we’ve received Christmases past, would be preferable to nothing at all. With any luck, this may not entirely be the disaster it sounds. I hope.
  • Via Tom: Nancy as drawn by various cartoonists. Nardcore Nancy! Nightmare Fuel Nancy! Sluggo!

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