Sometimes I want to punch New Comics Day in the face.

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Had a heck of a New Comics Day yesterday…shortages ahoy, tons of variant covers, having to work with Employee Aaron — there were no end of problems. So, let’s try to keep this post short:

  • Kid Chris on Wednesday Comics #6: “How come Blue Beetle in this Teen Titans strip sounds like how Mark Evanier writes Sergio Aragones’ dialogue in Sergio’s comic book appearances?”
  • Well, those “special covers” (i.e. the foil covers) for the new Ultimate Comics books sure flew off the shelves right away.
  • Those Blackest Night comics are pretty much just like printing money, aren’t they? Nearly all of our customers want these comics.
  • Employees Aaron and Kid Chris pretty much gave me shit all day about my comments re: the Hellboy-universe comics. But that’s okay, because they’re still fired.
  • After overhearing me talk about it last week at the shop, in the context of “wow, it seemed like this was all over the place at one point, but then it just disappeared,” a customer brought in his Rock and Rule DVD for me to borrow.

    Seriously, my only exposure to this movie is the Marvel comic book adaptation, and the heavy print promotion for it at the time. Haven’t seen frame one of the actual film in motion, but it looks like there’s some good music (and some Lou Reed) in here, so it promises to be interesting.

    Also, I just now realized I hadn’t said anything about seeing the 1972 Ralph Bakshi Fritz the Cat movie for the first time a couple of weeks back. I may still be working through the trauma. Okay, I exaggerate slightly…I thought it was amusing, and the voice work on Fritz himself was enjoyable. I may someday watch the (reportedly vastly inferior) follow-up Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat, just to hear more of Fritz’s particular vocal characterization.

  • Oh, hey, Walking Dead volume 2 is finally available from our distributor again, just in time for the Walking Dead TV deal announcement, after being unavailable nearly the entire summer. (You know, like last summer when volume 1 was unavailable for about four months.)

    It’s a good-selling and popular book, but I can’t turn new people on to it if I don’t have those early trades.

  • Master of Men, Chris Sims, has posted chapter three of Woman of A.C.T.I.O.N. over there at Action Age Comics. God bless America.
  • Old bloggers never die, they just come back with new websites: Chris Elam is up and running with his new weblog, so go visit and say “hi!”
  • Well, that wasn’t short at all.
image from Seduction of the Innocent #6 (April 1986), reprinted from The Unseen #9 (March 1953)

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