Just a brief comment about the G.I. Joe movie.

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Saw G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra last night…thought it was pretty entertaining, actually. It’s no Oscar winner, but it was goofy fun, didn’t take itself too seriously, and scenery was chewed at all the appropriate moments. Plus, how awesome was Joseph Gordon-Levitt? “Very” is the answer you’re looking for.

The interesting thing about this film (and I had the same sort of experience with the Transformers films) is that I was not a viewer of the original cartoons, nor was I a reader of the Marvel comics. I have no connection to any of the characters or situations, no nostalgia for the franchise. In my job as funnybook-seller, I’ve of course come across the names and faces of the Joes and their enemies, but it was all just a series of trademarked properties to me. It took seeing the movie to finally put together how everything related to everything else, and give me some background on just what the heck’s going on here, anyway. (I know some purists will argue that the film changes stuff from the comics/cartoons…but the point is that at least I have a better idea now than I did before.)

Also, on the topic of the film: the girlfriend is a huge G.I. Joe fan, and she loved the movie. The only way she would have liked it more is if it were instead The Adventures of Snake Eyes and a Handful of Fellow G.I. Joes Who Only Have about Five Minutes of Screen Time Total in Order to Make Room for MORE SNAKE EYES.

Keeping my post short today, internet pals. Sorry about that. I do have some other topics I want to discuss here, but I think I need them to sit on the stove a while longer before I serve ’em up. You know how it is.

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