The "naked eBay" link is probably Not Safe for Work.

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Had this item show up in a collection recently: a UK Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back hardcover annual from 1980, reprinting Marvel Comics’ adaptation of the film.

However, turns out that across the top strip of the first page, three of the creators involved signed the book:

Well, I thought that was pretty neat.

And here’s something that just now occurred to me as I was scanning this item: what is that reflected in Darth’s eyes, there:

Are those reflections of the artist himself? Reflections of the Hoth landscape before him, even though he’s only symbolically looming over Luke and his Taun Taun and isn’t supposed to be literally there? Visions of Vader’s life aboard the Death Star or some other Imperial vessel? Accidental naked eBay pictures? Who knows? I bet one of you clever people can clear this up.

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