Seriously, if you say you liked this character, God will get you for fibbing.

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  • Andrew brings us the latest installment of Nobody’s Favorites, this time featuring that one character from Teen Titans everyone hated, and if you say you liked him, you’re a damned dirty liar.
  • Been meaning to link to this for a while, but it’s worth checking out: the official sites for The Variants, a web-based comedy video series based at a comic book store. Site currently features several short promo videos. Close, Personal Internet Pals are involved, so I may be a bit biased is saying that this looks like it’ll be pretty good.
  • Here’s a new comics blogger on the scene, and he has his own commentary on the recent Marvelman publishing news. I’m looking forward to more posts from him.
  • Pal Dorian has posted the first of presumably several Wildcat sketches that he got at the San Diego convention. First up: Aaron Williams!
  • So Kevin Church (or as some prefer to call him, “Beaucoupkevin”) recently posted on his Twitter thingie about some retailer’s inability to sell DC’s Sunday funnies-esque Wednesday Comics. I responded to his with my in-store strategy as to how to sell Wednesday Comics, which I’ll repeat here in somewhat-expanded, no longer limited to 140 characters form:

    Me (opens up Wednesday Comics, shows it to customer): “Hey, have you seen this?”

    Customer: “Wow, that’s pretty neat!” (buys Wednesday Comics)

    And that’s really all it took in a lot of cases. And no, I’m not doing this hardsell on every single person who walks in the store…I am trying to show it to regulars who do like their superhero books, but may have passed Wednesday Comics by on the shelf.

    What I’m trying to say is that it shouldn’t be hard to sell. For the sheer novelty of the format alone, you can probably move a few copies…and it doesn’t hurt that the actual comics are generally pretty good.

  • Speaking of selling funnybooks, I did watch the “Blackest Night” interview/trailer extra feature thingie on the Green Lantern: First Flight DVD, and it does an awful job on trying to sell people on the series. Now, I’ve been reading comics for 35+ years, I’m a Green Lantern fan, and I’m one of the few people online who willingly admits that he liked Blackest Night, and I had a hard time following just what they were trying to tell me about this series. And having a bunch of extreme close-ups of comic panels flash by on-screen, leaving little impression beyond vague figures and colors, didn’t help.

    Perhaps I’m exaggerating a bit, but not by much, I don’t think. It’s definitely preaching to the converted, which is shame as it ain’t just the converted who’ll be watching this disc. On the other hand, who else would a series like Blackest Night be intended for?

    The actual Green Lantern cartoon itself wasn’t bad, though. I’ll try to post a slightly more extended review of it later.

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