This is a fetish for someone.

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from Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #121 by Cary Bates, Werner Roth, Vince Colletta & Murphy Anderson

Yet another panel recently spotted ‘n’ scanned here at Progressive Ruin Industries. I’d like to think this establishes Superman most certainly is not a dick, helping old folks across a chasm like that. Sure, he feels the need to point out his “super spinal column,” but one would hope that’s out of a need to reassure the citizens, and not some odd form of self-aggrandizement.

Yes, that was a late reference to the whole “Superman is a dick” thing. This post brought to you by the year 2005.

Anyway, I do have a few things to say about announcements/events at the San Diego Comic Con, but hopefully that’ll be on Monday. Because I’m sure you won’t see enough online commentary on the topic between now and then.

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