But then again, there is a Wiki entry for Han Solo’s pants.

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So as of 12:01 AM Friday morning, the winner of the “which is nerdier” poll is…Doctor Who, which beat out Star Trek by four votes! Not sure why it would have had such a strong showing, particularly against cradle-of-nerd-civilization Star Trek…but as the poll continued over the last couple of days, the two franchises were pretty much neck and neck, with each taking the lead briefly. If I’d continued the poll for another day or so, Star Trek may have taken the lead. I’d actually consider this more or less a tie, to be honest, but Who‘s on first in the lead as of my arbitrary deadline, so that’s the victor, I guess.

I suppose its high percentage of the vote may have come from Who‘s relative obscurity in the U.S., where the majority of my voters presumably live, and the assumption that any ol’ nerd could be a Wars or Trek fan, but it takes a special kind of nerd to be choosy enough to be a Who fan. Ultimately I’m more surprised at the low vote total for Star Wars, which only received about 25% as many votes as the other two franchises. There were some suggestions in the comments that the reason for this is perhaps that Star Wars is slightly more mainstreamed than the Trek, that there’s more of an awareness of Star Wars as purely movies and TV shows, and not so much as a fan movement. Compare to Trek, where Trekkies and Trekkers and their attendant activities are as much a part of the public’s perception of the franchise as, say, Shatner or Nimoy. Maybe if the poll were run during the lead-up to the release of Phantom Menace, when news stories about people waiting in line for weeks to see the film were commonplace, results may have been slightly different.

By the way, the folks who voted “none are nerdy” are entirely wrong. Sorry about that.

Anyway, thanks for participating in my silly poll, and for the fun discussion, which made it all worthwhile. I got bit of a late start on this post, otherwise I would have directly addressed some points made in the comments, but perhaps I can catch up over the weekend.

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