I’ve met my exclamation point quota for the week.

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Employee Timmy has been whisked away to San Diego for some big funnybook to-do that I guess they’re having down there, and all I have left to remember him is this All-American photo taken by pal Dorian during the trip.

Yes, as mentioned before, pal Dorian has taken employees Timmy and Aaron away to the convention, and he’s started to photographically document the horror. Okay, so far it’s mostly just pics of Aaron and Timmy goofing around and…um, snuggling? Er, okay. But I expect we’ll see more pics from the convention proper soon. Stay tuned!

But will there be a photo that’ll top this one of Aaron?

I think not. (Aaron has this thing for goggles, I should note.)

In other news:

  • The polls are still open! Tell me which long-running sci-fi franchise is the nerdiest. I suppose I’ll have some kind of commentary on this tomorrow, so vote while the voting’s good! (Two of the franchises are neck and neck, but it’s not too late for third to pull ahead! And only some of you have voted so far! Go on, participate! It’s free and relatively painless! And join the discussion!)
  • I know why you come to this site. You come here for all the latest Chris Sims news, don’t you? Sure you do. Well, here’s a biggie…the newest addition to Sims’ Action Age Comics roster has been announced:

    Starting Wednesday, July 28th, the first issue of Woman of A.C.T.I.O.N. will begin to be serialized at the Action Age Comics website — entirely for free! — and having read a preview of the comic, I can promise that it’ll be lots of fun. So save the date, comics fans!

  • No one drew a punch quite like Gil Kane, and Dr. K has been presenting and discussing samples of Kane-style fisticuffs for a while now. I’m proud to say that I helped a little with the most recent installment, as I contributed a double-punch from one of my all-time favorite Kane-illustrated comics. Go take a look, and say “hi” to Dr. K — he’s one of the good’uns.
  • I was pretty well gobsmacked by Wednesday Comics, DC Comics’ Sunday funnies-esque tabloid. Though I didn’t really do much of a review of it during the two days I discussed it (I tended to focus more on retail concerns), I did say I thought it was a solid package, through and through. However, internet pal Dave has a very thorough and thoughtful critique of the project that’s well worth reading. Even though I’ve been unabashedly upbeat about Wednesday Comics, I can’t really disagree with most the criticisms Dave offers (though we both agree, as most folks do, I think, that it’s certainly a good effort and a positive experiment).

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