Nerd the vote.

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So two discussions/debates broke out in the comments section for yesterday’s post…one, regarding the Superman revamp of the mid-1980s, I plan to address at some point in the near future. The other is about, well…


Yes, I’m putting it up to a vote, which I’m sure will settle this subject once and for all and it will never be discussed upon the internet again. Feel free to engage in some (friendly!) debate and discuss your vote in the comments section here. (And yes, I threw Doctor Who into the mix, since pal Dorian brought it up.)

If your skin’s feeling a little thin and you think I’m picking on nerds, keep in mind a couple of things:

1. It’s all in fun…I’m a fan of all three of these properties.

2. I manage a comic book store and write a daily comics weblog. I should know from nerdiness.

So anyway, there you go. Let the mayhem begin.

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