I don’t often get to say "Buttle."

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An item or two of note from the new DC Comics solicitations:

  • Batman: The Killing Joke is getting another comic-sized reprinted with the original coloring, as opposed to the recolored hardcover which had been the only way to obtain the story as of late. And that’s good…I’ve had a handful of people ask for the story who didn’t want to put out the cash for the deluxe hardcover. Having a cheap…well, cheaper version around is very welcome.

    On the topic…I know Killing Joke went through about a hundred different printings, most of which sold well, and yet the only copies that ever turn up in collections are first printings. I know the first print moved tons of copies, but you’d think we’d come across at least the occasional fifth printing or something. Ah, well.

  • DC Comics Classics Library: Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil HC – reprinting the classic C.C. Beck serial from the original Captain Marvel comics. This had been reprinted before, in a nice oversized slipcased hardcover, many years ago, and a friend let me borrow his copy so that I could read it. It’ll be nice to be able to get my own copy of this story, finally.
  • Superman: Secret Origin #2 – So they’re establishing Young Clark Kent was Superboy again, if only (I’m assuming) for his adventures with the Legion. BUT THAT CONTRADICTS A REVAMP FROM 23 YEARS AGO HOW DARE YOU.

    Okay, I’m only kidding. It’s a little weird, if only because I still remember the big deal they were making about the changes to the official Superman continuity during the mid-’80s revamp, including the ousting of the whole Superboy thing. But as how I’m one of the, oh, maybe dozen of readers at the time who are still reading Superman today, there’s no particular reason to be beholden to a continuity fix only a few of your readers really care about, or even remember, any more.

    And I’m sure the reintroduction of Superboy can still be explained even within the context of the ’80s revamp…but, to reiterate, it doesn’t bother me. I’m more interested in it as an example of the ongoing undoing of the ’80s reboot…kinda like how “Contemporary Acquaintance of Clark in Smallville” Lex eventually supplanted “Contemporary Acquaintance of Perry White during the Depression” Lex.

  • Good Lord, are there enough Batman comics coming out? Maybe they should give a new ongoing series to…oh, I don’t know, how ’bout Alfred. Sure, I’d go for a series about Alfred. “The Dark Knight Domestic in…I BUTTLE BY NIGHT.” Would totally read it.

In other news:

  • Andrew is starting a new series of posts on this site entitled “Nobody’s Favorites,” in which he talks about those comic characters that are…well, you know, like it says in the title I just told you. First installment is here, and at the very least, this is a good way to find out if any of these characters have “#1 FANs” because they’ll surely turn up in the comments sections.
  • Big, bold and brassy Chris Sims wrote an article called “The 40 Most Violent Comics Ever” which probably leaves out your favorite, so be sure to leave a comment that reads “um, actually, you forgot….” because Sims will love that. Also, it’s one of those lists that make you click through multiple pages to see all the entries in order to present more ads, but it’s Sims, and therefore worth it.
  • Pal Dorian is going to San Diego, the bastard, and he’s taking along employees Aaron and Timmy, probably to sell for parts so he can afford parking and overpriced bottles of alleged water. Anyway, in the meantime he’s got some amusing goodies arranged for his site, including this bingo card inspired by a particular sci-fi show message board.
  • Was informed by my girlfriend’s niece that some television show she was watching was attempting to settle the question of which is nerdier: Star Wars or Star Trek.

    The nod was given to Star Trek, natch, since it is sort of the baseline standard for all things nerdy. And I’m saying this as someone who’s been a lifelong fan, you realize.

    But then again, it’s hard to top this, which may not be nerdy, but is certainly this side of terrifying.

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