In which Mike’s mind works in mysterious, but mostly dumb, ways.

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So there I was, watching the trailers attached to the new Harry Potter movie, when this comes on:

And for just a few seconds, beyond all reason (since if such a thing existed I probably couldn’t have avoided any discussion of it online), I thought that maybe what I was watching was the trailer for the Captain Marvel/SHAZAM! movie. You know, what with all the talk of gods and lightning and heroes and so forth. Okay, so he went into a building instead of a subway…I thought maybe they could have updated the origin.

Yes, I realize that I was being stupid. Again, if there was a Captain Marvel movie this far along in production to have a trailer, I’m sure I would have come across folks complaining about it on Twitter or something. But just for one brief, magical, deluded second…I thought I was going to get to hear the shout of “SHAZAM!” from the theatre speakers. Ah, well.

I guess that means I’m a fanboy. Because, you know, I wasn’t sure before.

Oh, and the new Harry Potter film ended up being not too bad. Kinda talky, mostly just setting up the mayhem in the next installment, but still nice to see all the actors again. (Who rules? Alan Rickman rules.)

(Here’s the official site for the Percy Jackson movie, in case the trailer is “disappeared” off the YouTube.)

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