The weeks come, the weeks go.

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  • I’m happy to report that the “Guest Starring A Joss Whedon Character” strategy has worked much better for our in-stores sales of Fallen Angel: Reborn #1 than did the “Guest Starring Shi” strategy for the previous Fallen Angel series.* We’ve had a few Buffy/Angel fans pick it up specifically for the guest appearance of Illyria, who…well, I’ll just let Wikipedia explain that one, but if you’re not familiar with the character, enough is explained in the comic. Anyway, I hope some of these new readers stick around for the non-Buffy related adventures of the book, as it’s a pretty good series and would like sales to stay up so I can continue to read it. Yes, that’s a totally selfish reason. Hey, I’m entitled.
  • I’ve been putting tags on the shelves for Marvel’s “Utopia” crossovers with the actual title and issue number, since at first glance the comics (such as this week’s Dark Avengers #7) look like issues of Utopia due to the huge logo with that name, instead of issues of ongoing monthly series. The trade dress for the crossover seems to be detrimental, is what I’m saying. Dark Avengers is a strong seller for us, and disguising it as something else that isn’t selling quite as well doesn’t help.
  • I don’t think we’ve sold a single issue of Iron Man Armored Adventures #1 so far. Well, except maybe to the folks who get every first issue.
  • Sold out of Dark Horse’s Creepy #1, the revivial of the old Warren magazine. I’m sure this great Eric Powell cover didn’t hurt.
  • Blackest Night #1 is still flying off the shelves, and everybody’s thrilled to get their replica Black Lantern ring. Also, we apparently underordered the Tales of the Corps tie-in, as we sold out of that before the weekend. Ah, well, that’s what reorders are for.
  • Okay, the 1970s variant for Amazing Spider-Man #599 is pretty awesome – a nice play on that Obama cover:

    This sample art does leave off the word balloon (“Face it, tiger…I am not a crook!”) but you get the idea.

  • Nexus is over (or at least on extended hiatus) for now, with the latest double-issue…and there were so many plot elements, old characters, new characters, references to previous adventures, etc., that I felt a little bit like I was going crazy while I was reading this. Not in a bad way, I hasten to add. There’s nothing quite like a Nexus comic, and I’m glad to have had it back, even for just a little while.
  • We received our second printings of Deadpool: Suicide Kings #2, which is a good thing since we were shorted our shipment of first printings, and replacements were not to be had. Our customers have been okay with it, especially when I explained what happened, but still…would have liked to have had those first printings. Especially at the momemt, since Deadpool comics seem to be like printing money.
  • Wednesday Comics #2 didn’t have as strong of sales as the first ish, which was to be expected. But still doing well. A few people picking up #1 and #2, I’ve noticed.


  • Yes, yes, the last issue of Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds is coming out this week. At least, it’s on our invoice, so we’re getting charged for it, anyway.
  • Archie #599 – sorry, still not the marriage issue. Try again next month.
  • Lenore Volume 2 #1 – first issue from Lenore‘s new publisher Titan Books. Hopefully they’ll be able to offer continual reorders on this comic like the title’s previous publisher did, since the title is one of those that continually sells off the shelf over extended periods of time…we’ve kept stock of this title on the shelves (not in the back issue bins) for years, and it still sells. And it sells to teenage girls, a demographic generally foreign to funnybook stores (except during the Great Manga Scare** of ’05 – ’07).
  • Did someone say…Weasel Patrol? The trade paperback is due this week, and it’s funny stuff. (And it’s published by Pal Nat, who deserves your money because he’s swell.)
  • The long-awaited Beanworld volume 2 is coming this week. I’ve tried to explain Beanworld before, and this wiki may confuse and frighten you, but trust me on this…Beanworld is brilliant, and you need to check it out. Nothing can really explain Beanworld except a Beanworld comic, so here’s a brief sample.
  • Star Trek: Spock Reflections #1 – “Why, I remember when I was young and used to look like that guy from Heroes….”
  • Two…count ’em, two extra sized “#600” special issues from Marvel this week. And I have to get ’em both: Amazing Spider-Man #600 for the girlfriend, and Incredible Hulk #600 for me. …A hundred years from now, the three comic collectors who are left are going to try and figure out Marvel’s renumbering shenanigans, and all I can say is “Godspeed, future panelologists…godspeed.”
  • Freddy Jason Ash: Nightmare Warriors #2 – not quite catching on this time around. The original series teaming these three horror icons had quite the following. Someone tell Fangoria to tell its readers that this new series is out.
  • The second printing of Muppet Robin Hood #1 is coming this week…not quite as excellent as the Muppet Show comic, but still amusing and well drawn.


  • “…IS HORNY” would have been the obvious joke, you see.
* But still not as strong as the “maybe it’s Supergirl, maybe it isn’t” strategy at the series’ very beginning.

** Just a joke. Relax.

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