"…Safeguard yourself from adulterants, burns, and inferior quality…."

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So we’re going through another box or two of miscellaneous stuff…from the collection that most of the items on this page came from, in fact. But these items are the ones that are a little outside our product line, and require a little bit more effort in prepping them for store or eBay sales.

Like this:

Yes, Angel Love, that’s indeed what it is. Please note the nice gleam of light added to the glistening rock there. Anyway, the ’70s were an odd time, to say the least, and that there was a book marketed for the discerning user of this particular substance is…well, I don’t know if “surprising” is the right word, but it certainly caught me off guard. Perhaps “unexpected but not beyond expectation” may be closer to it.

I was going to transcribe the description from the back of the book, but 1) I thought you wouldn’t believe me unless I actually showed you what it said, and 2) I don’t need the Google results created by putting the actual text on my site, so here’s a scan instead:

Wow. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with this…the plan was to list it on the eBay, but not sure how that’d go since some folks over there tend to be nervous Nellies about that kind of thing, and I don’t exactly want to put it up in the shop, either. Ah, well, maybe I’ll throw it on Amazon. We’ll see.

Anyway, some other books of a more legal nature:

Copyrighted 1964, a little worse for wear (top half of the spine “repaired” by tape), features lots of short nonsensical stories and bits by John Lennon, along with several of his drawings. Features an introduction credited only to a mysterious “Paul,” since they didn’t bother with a last name. Boy, I hate when they do that. How’re we supposed to know who this alleged “Paul” is 45 years later?*

Copyrighted 1959, this edition published in 1976. Souvenir guidebook, filled with historical data and theories on the construction of the sites, and thankfully bereft of the kind of woo that tends to spring up around these things.

But that’s okay, because the next book brings plenty of woo for me and you:

Now, some of you may know I tend toward a more skeptical view of things like this. Not “skeptical” as in “completely close-minded,” as some true believers may claim, but “skeptical” as in “let’s have some real evidence before we start pinning this stuff on f’ing aliens.” That said, I love books like this, even though they tend to be parades of logical fallacies…though to be fair, I haven’t read this particular book yet, and I’m sure this is the one that finally lays out the complete truth about UFO visitations.

But, as I was saying, I still enjoy these books of UFO stories and Bigfoot hunts and what have you…occasionally you’ll find me, along with my Twitter pal Roscoe, liveTwittering Coast to Coast AM whenever they have a good flying saucer show on. It’s possibly some remnant of my more credulous youth, when I totally bought into all this stuff…in my defense, it was the ’70s, where paranormal beliefs were all around, and frankly it was better that I was into this than what was covered in the first book in this post.

In a way (and I’ve heard it described in this fashion before, so it’s hardly an original observation with me) all these tales of UFOs and Bigfoot and such are like modern mythmaking, finding new mysteries in a world that’s pretty much done away with demons and ghosts. (Well, okay, maybe not ghosts just yet.) (Or demons.)

But “psychics” still piss me off. Don’t get me started on them.

* Yes, I know who it really is. I was only kidding. But on that topic…there was a handful of teen idol magazines from the late ’60s/early ’70s in this same collection, where a number of the celebrities featured therein are only referred to by their first names. That was probably fine then, since anyone buying the mags knew full well who these idols were. But trying to piece some of them together 40 years later, with some of them lost to showbiz obscurity, that can be a trick, sometimes. It makes the gossip columns amusing, though: “JOHN was seen out dining with CHERYL, and boy was BETTY mad!” What? Who?

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