God forbid people think you’re a dork for not reading comics.

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1966 DC Comics house ad

This feels a bit like a game of “one of these things is not like the other,” because, you know, if there was one thing the “in” and “with it” kids were going to be into, it was WWI war comics. Nothing against the Balloon Buster stories, which were fine, but he just looks a bit out of place there.

Then again, maybe the hip kids were reading the war books. Sure, you can be just like anyone else and read the superhero/sci fi books, but it’s the truly discerning reader who follows the war comics…okay, I’m overthinking it.

Also, “Wild, way-out adventures of DC’s swinging junior super-heroes!” That’s just this side of maaaaaybe trying just a little too hard.

I think DC should revive this particular “Destination Cool” advertising campaign, I think. “You’re not ‘in’ unless you’re reading All Star Batman!” (Er, when it comes out, that is.)

Here’s another ad that ran in ’66 DC books:

First, that cat terrifies me. How does that spindly neck support his ginormous noggin? Quite the natty dresser, though.

Second, thank goodness they gave all of Grandpa Munster’s death puns “comedy quotes,” since that certainly makes them funnier.

Second point five, those quotes become “legal disclaimer quotes” for the “‘chrome’ goodies.”

Third, and I didn’t know this, that George Barris fella in the ad is a car customizer, who apparently supervised the vehicle construction on the Munsters TV show…hence the connection there. Here’s his site, but watch out for the autoplaying music at that link.

Fourth, that $1.70 price quoted in the last panel just makes me sick. How many of these would you buy for $1.70 now?

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