Sunday links.

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  • Pal Nat has posted the crossover you demanded! (Well, actually, not so much demanded as inspired by this post.) Go, look, be afraid.
  • Over the last few days Rick Veitch has been relating his (heretofore unrevealed) involvement in the development of the Sentry for Marvel Comics, with Paul Jenkins. You can read all the chapters thus far right here, each accompanied by Veitch concept art, with more chapters to come.

    The very few times I’ve read stories involving the Sentry, he hasn’t really done anything for me. I gathered he was a Superman-type character, only with mental and/or confidence problems, and never felt the need to seek out more about him. Learning about Veitch’s connection to the character increases my interest a bit, at least in taking a look at the initial Sentry series, even if Veitch himself didn’t contribute his art or his particular storytelling style or perspective to the final printed product (which would have gone a long way toward making me more interested in that story).

    Plus, this sort of has me wanting to reread Maximortal again, which in a way seems to have some minor metacommentary/thematic connections to The Sentry, if taken to much greater extremes.

  • I keep meaning to add this to the sidebar, because it’s an awesome site and you should visit it: Dateline: Silver Age, a great, simple concept beautifully presented.
  • Bully the Little Patriotic Bull celebrates Independence Day with another mini-gallery of flag-cover comics. And speaking of Bully, content from one of his previous Independence Day posts has turned up in a couple of other blogs recently. They do give him credit, but essentially present the entire post in full, thus giving no one any reason to go back to Bully’s original post. That’s a terrible thing to do to a six-year-old stuffed bull.

    Anyway, you should all be visiting Bully’s site on a regular basis. Accept no substitutes!

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