Some things I just post for myself.

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Like this late ’93 Malibu Comics house ad for Dinosaurs for Hire, which is totally making fun of Jim Shooter’s Warriors of Plasm comic at Defiant:

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that “gore for the org” was once a thing, but indeed it was.

Another bit of business about that cover is the “GENESIS” logo, which was Malibu Comics’ early ’90s crossover event for their adventure/superhero books. And, oddly enough, a few years later DC Comics ran a crossover event also called “GENESIS.” Coincidence? Well, probably. But DC’s event didn’t involve Dinosaurs for Hire, and therefore was vastly inferior.

In other news:

  • As you may have seen linked above, here’s a website devoted to celebrating the writing of Jim Shooter.
  • Another comics writer of some note, Kurt Busiek, has a new website going, including a weblog. Good reading from one of the industry’s most beloved creators.
  • I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often: a customer was looking for a DC Archives volume that I knew didn’t exist. “But I saw it upon the Internets,” sez he, so a quick Googling later, I found what he was talking about: this page of mock-ups for Archives fans are hoping for, including the one the customer had asked about. Ah, well, that may not have worked out, but we had a Showcase Presents volume for the same character, so everyone was happy.

    I’d totally love to have a Firestorm Archives, by the way. Those early issues on nice paper? Fantastic.


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