Sgt. Rock: Creationist.

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So as per usual, Easy Company finds itself hip deep in trouble, pinned down under enemy fire. Everyone thinks it’s hopeless, but Sgt. Rock steps in with a history lesson to boost morale. Specifically, he tells his men to think back to their cavemen ancestors, and the life-and-death battles they had to fight every day just to survive.

It starts off with Rock describing a battle between cavemen and mastodons, which…okay, sure, that’s fine. But then things get a little weird:

Yeah, that’s Rock narrating a conflict over food between ancient man and some kind of pterosaur.

And then there’s the battle between those traditional enemies, the caveman and the Tyrannosaur:

I’m going to assume Sgt. Rock was using a little poetic license here for the benefit of the troops, and that if anyone in Easy Company knew better, they didn’t pipe in with “Uh, but Sarge, dinosaurs and man didn’t coexist.” Well, except junior archaeologist and draftee Dino “Saur” Borelli, whom Little Sure Shot kept shushing every time he tried to interrupt with a correction.

I should also note that when Employee Aaron came across this comic in a collection we were processing, he took a look at this cover:

…and wondered if it was a crossover between Sgt. Rock and Joe Kubert’s old caveman character Tor. Alas, it was not, but darned if I don’t have to see that now. Someone whisper a suggestion into Mr. Kubert’s ear for me.

At any rate, despite the shaky science, this is still an issue full of Joe Kubert’s fantastic illustrations of dinosaur versus caveman battles, and sometimes that just has to be enough.

images from Sgt. Rock #318 (July 1978) – written and drawn by Joe Kubert

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