Slipping you some tongue.

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So pal Nat informed me that, while taking a quick trip through a parallel universe, he snapped the following photo featuring a familiar pose:


In other…well, not really “news” as such:

  • Das Ubernerd saw the link to the C.C. Beck story I posted the other day and wrote up his own full review of the material. Nicely done.
  • So I was asked if I have a Sluggo fetish, in response to my newest ongoing feature “Sluggo Saturdays.” I don’t think it’s a fetish, but it is an expression of my ongoing admiration of Sluggo; his independence, his confidence, his simple state of being into which one may read the greatest meaning.

    Plus, I think bizarre Sluggo panels are really funny, so What Can You Do?

  • So the other day at the shop, for whatever reason, we were discussing Pokemon, and I mentioned that, even though I’ve never played the card game, never played the videogame, and have only seen the briefest snippet of the cartoon, I really do adore Lickitung. The character just cracks me up. I have a couple of Lickitung cards, I have a song someone recorded about Lickitung, I have a sticker or two, and I even own a stuffed Lickitung doll who comes with his own Pokeball, said the forty-year-old man. (I suppose this makes me an iconography fan like I’d been talking about.)

    Anyway, during the discussion, I mentioned the idea of a two-man Lickitung costume, like the two-man horse costume idea you always see in movies or sitcoms but I’ve never actually seen in real life. The idea was that one person would be in the main Lickitung costume, which would be the body, and the other person would be in the tongue costume, attached to the first costume. I drew out a very quick sketch of this concept:


    Okay, I’m sure I’m not the first to think of this. If anyone knows of any real-life attempts at such a costume, please let me know! Not sure why I’d need to know, but c’mon, I gotta see it if it exists.

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