In which Mike chills out with a cool item from the store’s backroom.

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1. Decided to once again dig through some old poster stock for the eBay, and look at what I found. Shockingly, this wasn’t the only poster for Batman and Robin that I turned up.

Also found a few remaining Xena Warrior Princess posters. Boy, those used to sell like crazy. I also found a poster for a Highlander sequel that I’d never heard of.

2. BEHOLD BEARDLESS MIKE. And to think a week or so ago I looked like this. Now my goofy visage is completely unfettered…there is no buffer between my made-for-radio face and your unprotected eyes!

3. I think Employee Timmy must have had the DTs, or there was an extremely localized earthquake directly beneath his feet, or something, because of the three photos, this one was the least blurry. The other two photos looked like typical examples of Bigfoot photography. Which is okay, because I had even dorkier expressions in the other photos, if you can believe that.

4. You know what’s going for a lot of scratch on the eBay right now? Old Punisher posters.

You know what I can’t find in our old poster stock?

5. Every time I start dealing with posters at the store, I think about how I’d like to get my hands on another copy of the Groo poster Marvel/Epic released in the late ’80s. I had one at the time, but darned if I know what happened to it in the four or five moves I’ve made since then. (Here’s one currently up for auction, and there’s another in an eBay store for $100.)

6. I can’t believe I’ve posted a picture of myself holding a Mr. Freeze poster. The things I do for you people.

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