In which Mike totally phones it in.

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Sorry about that. But have some Swamp Thing links. Everyone loves Swamp Thing links:

  • Ditko Stories presents the 1954 story “Doom in the Air” which, it is noted, has some coincidental similarity to a later Swamp Thing story by Alan Moore, Steve Bissette and John Totleben.
  • This person has a 17% chance of being seduced by Swamp Thing. Well, sure, who doesn’t?
  • Well, come to think of it, Abby has about, oh, I don’t know, an 80 to 100% chance, as seen in this page by Rick Veitch, as presented in Seduction of the Innocent Revisited. I’d forgotten that Seduction of the Innocent Revisited was even a thing. I bet it’s awesome.
  • Monster Portraits brings you you know who as a pencil drawing on wood. I like it…that’s not an expression you see Swampy make very often. (Not that you see him make any expressions, since his book’s canceled, but I’M NOT BITTER.)
  • Another nice Swamp Thing sketch, a little moodier than the last. This one has bit of a Mike Mignola feel to it.
  • Okay, this isn’t Swamp Thing, but it is a swamp creature, and it’s a story by Basil Wolverton, and people have been mailing me the link, so here you go. Guaranteed great!

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