In which I finally talk about some comics you might see on a modern day new arrivals rack.

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  • The first new Aliens comic in a while is coming from Dark Horse this week, and I’m wondering if it’s been off the shelves long enough to make the heart grow fonder, or for people to simply not care about Aliens comics anymore. My feeling is more the former, if only judging by the positive reaction from several people to the Free Comic Book Day Aliens/Predator flipbook.
  • DC Library: Roots of the Swamp Thing hardcover – reprints the first thirteen issues of the original Swamp Thing series, plus the initial installment from House of Secrets #92. This would be the twelfth version of the story from #92 that I would own. Also, I believe this is the first time we’ve had a reprint of issues #11-#13, which are post-Bernie Wrightson’s run, but are the last three issues of co-creator Len Wein’s original run on the title. Those last three issues feature some great Nestor Redondo art, and I hope someday we’ll get a good reprinting of the rest of the issues in this series. Not holding my breath, really.
  • Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink #1 – The only one of these Final Crisis follow-ups I’ve really liked so far is Run, though I have to admit that I didn’t much of a chance to do more than glance through Dance which I’m being told is a good’un too. They’ve all been selling reasonably well at the shop so far.
  • Glamourpuss #7 – I’m still getting this, I’m still reading it, I’m still not quite sure what to make of it…but it’s still keeping my interest, so there you go.
  • Mouse Guard Winter 1152 #6 – Wow, it seemed like this series was red hot for a while there, and now we can barely move any copies. Is everyone just waiting for the eventual trade collection, or was that early heightened interest in the series just being driven by its then-skyrocketing, and much hyped by the collector’s market, back issue prices?
  • Ah, at last…the 2nd print of Muppet Show #1 is out this week, so I can finally get my own copy. (I gave up my copy of the first print to a customer, because I’m all selfless and sacrificing like that.) If you didn’t get a chance to see this comic the first time around, give it a peek this time…cartoonist Roger Langridge created a spot-on recreation of the Muppet experience in comics form, and well worth your attention.

    Also, Muppet Robin Hood #1 is coming out this week as well. Looking forward to this one, too.

    Yeah, so I like the Muppets. What of it?

  • Stephen King’s The Stand: American Nightmares #3 – Okay, so we’ve had one five-issue mini-series already, and we’re three issues in on this series, and we’re up to, what, page 12 of the novel? I don’t think I’m going to live long enough to see this thing completed.

    Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit…but not much.

  • Trinity #52 wraps up DC’s third weekly series, with the next weekly series appearing to be the 12-issue Wednesday Comics. Overall, I’ve…liked the Trinity series, but it’s felt a bit like a quart of story poured into a 20 gallon barrel. I’d read an issue and feel like I’d just read the same story the previous week. Or two. Perhaps a reread is in order once the series is done, just to see if perhaps it holds up a bit more, but I’ve been meaning to reread the previous weeklies, 52 and Countdown, for a while now and I’ve never got around to those. Maybe someday.
  • Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk #6 wraps up this way over-delayed mini-series, over three years after it began. I forget who pointed out that in that time, an animated Hulk Vs. Wolverine movie was produced and released, but…yeah, that.

    Anyway, a three year delay between issues of a mini-series is just plain stupid, and inexcusable. But at least the series finished (cough Daredevil: The Target cough). I’m still probably going to continue celebrating “Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk Day” just out of spite.

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