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Matt M., he of Strangeways fame, had this to say about yesterday’s post:

“Wasn’t a possessed Man-Thing on the cover of issue #98, which led into this story?”

Oh yes indeedy…as drawn by Marshall Rogers:

How’s that for an awesome cover? I like Man-Thing’s “hypnotic eyes” effect, and that he has little demonic root-horns sticking out of the top of his head.

Inside the book it’s not quite as terrifying, but it’s still lots of pages of the Defenders fighting a mystically-possessed giant-sized Man-Thing, and that’s still fun.

Speaking of Man-Thing, I did pick up that Classic Marvel Figurine Collection: Man-Thing Special that I mentioned a couple of days ago. The figure itself is about 3 1/2 inches tall, and heavy! The details and paint job are nicely done, as they tend to be on these larger figurines from this particular line. The 20-page magazine contains a solid overview of the character’s history and his supporting cast, as well as featuring an interview with co-creator Roy Thomas. Interesting factoid from the interview, which I hadn’t known: according to Roy, Man-Thing was named by The Man himself, Stan Lee. And yes, DC’s muck-monster counterpart Swamp Thing is mentioned briefly, mostly in the context of “Man-Thing was first! Nyah-nyah!”

The Man-Thing Special also comes with a two-sided poster with two pieces of Man-Thing art from the more recent iterations of the character, as well as a slipcase for the box in which the figurine was packaged. Generally I’m impressed with the quality of these Figurine Collection magazines. A lot of work goes into the accompanying booklets, and for the most part the figurines tend to be pretty nice (though there is the occasional clunker). I couldn’t see buying each one of these as they came out, though I’m sure someone is somewhere…but if they put out one of these based on a character you happen to really like, it’s worth giving it a look, I think.

In other swamp creature news:

Reader Paul sent along this snapshot he took of a sticker he spotted out in Washington, DC:

Paul described it as a “Swamp Thing Bear,” which is about as good description as any. If you know any more about this sticker, feel free to let me know in the comments section. (Not that I’m expecting there really is that much more to know about it, really.)

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