Weasels, statues, and fashion.

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  • Pal Nat was good enough to craft that swell banner from the much-endured Life with Snarky Parker, so I’d thought I’d return the favor and highly recommend a forthcoming project from his publishing company. BEHOLD:

    …the Weasel Patrol trade paperback, collecting thirteen wonderfully wacky stories by Ken Macklin and Lela Dowling. It’s very funny, very beautifully cartooned stuff, and I can’t explain it any better than to tell you to head over to the site and download the PDF preview, which contains a full eight-page story. If you decide you want a copy, tell your retailers NOW, since they’ll be placing orders for it this month.

  • Shambling into American funnybook stores this week:

    Yes, I’m likely getting one. This is the first of this little metal statue magazine thingies that I’ve bought for myself (I’ve previously bought a Spider-Man one for the girlfriend). I’ve been sorely tempted by a few (especially the Galactus one) but I’ve resisted, mostly because once I’ve justified buying one, then the second one becomes a little easier to justify, and then the third, etc. etc. Which of course means I’ll be facing this problem now anyway. (“Say, a Werewolf by Night figure? That’ll go great with the Man-Thing statue!”)

    I’ve talked about these things before…they are neat little packages, which come with a 20-page full-color magazine detailing the character’s history. And now there’s a DC Comics version, but unless they start doing Vertigo characters I may be waiting a while before I get my Swamp Thing metal figurine. (But dig this crazy Gorilla Grodd figure!)

  • Pal Cully sent this along, from Fantastic Four #164 by Roy Thomas, George Perez and Joe Sinnott:

    Quite the fashion plate, that Johnny. Cully sez “you can shoot me if I ever show up wearing this and it’s not Halloween.” Hell, I’ve had people show up at the shop in bathrobes, in wrestling tights, and there was that one gal who was wearing a top made entirely of electrical tape. Someone dropping in dressed like a disco cowboy would almost be a welcome change.

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