In which I say something about Yul Brynner that I’d never thought I’d say.

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Okay, the other day I just dropped in the observation that this comic we recently received in a collection, Life with Snarky Parker (1950), was really terrible. Now, I just assumed you’d take my word for it, since thus far I have been correct in all things, but oh, how soon the people forget. So, here you go, here’s a sample taste of Snarky Parker:

And here are a couple of smaller samples, with Snarky’s girlfriend Butterbelle being menaced by a villain:

And here’s a better look at their oversized and menacing eyes, along with Snarky just barely crossing the line there with inappropriate workplace conversation:

It’s page after page of this, with badly caricatured puppet-esque homunculi prancing about and being grotesque at you. After a page or two you’re simply appalled. After four or five pages you can feel the bile at the back of your throat. After an entire issue of this, you will begin to doubt in the existence of a merciful God.

And then there’s this:

It’s Snarky and his girlfriend apparently sharing a kiss while Paw looks on. But thanks to coloring and/or art errors, it simply looks like the three of them have melted together into some hideous tri-bodied conjoined freak. What the hell kind of puppet show was Yul Brynner running over there at CBS, anyway?

However, as I was trying to track down more info re: Mr. Brynner’s work on the show, I discovered further discussion of the horrors within this funnybook over at Oddball Comics which, I suppose, I should have figured and, of course, didn’t discover until after I wrote all this. Ah, well…I suppose there’s enough terror to go around.

Here, to clear that nightmare fuel out of your head, have, from Captain Battle #3 (1942), a giant fly monster:

There, that should make everyone feel better.

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