Tina appears to be a bit forward.

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A brief exchange with Kevin Church on the Twitter (starting with this post) reminded me of the awesomeness that is DC Comics Presents #4 (Dec. 1978). It’s Superman and the Metal Men, written by Len Wein and drawn by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez:

There’s a whole lot goin’ on in these three panels, it’s hard to say where to begin. The Metal Men are all so expressive, and Superman has that great “pleased to meet you”/embarrassed-by-the-hero-worship look on his face. I think my favorite bits, though, include the exchange he has with Tin, as well as Dr. Klyburn of S.T.A.R. Labs admonishing Supes just a bit.

Also via Kevin, I learned that a sample of Mister Garcia-Lopez’s Metal Men strip for the forthcoming Wednesday Comics weekly book is up on DC Comics’ weblog, and you can see the penciled page (prior to Kevin Nowlan’s inks) right here.

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