My nickname for Kevin Church is likely unacceptable.

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  • Reader Gary clarifies just what was going on with those issues of Annihilation involving other rival godlike beings competing with Galactus…apparently not people from his homeworld stored in that cylinder. It’s amazing the things I find myself typing on this site.
  • The Churchmonster has started his spin-off strip from The Rack, which stars longtime supporting character Lydia. Nice art by Max Riffner…go check it out.
  • Somehow I neglected to mention the “Rebuild Len Wein’s Comic Collection” project, replacing books lost in his recent home fire. Details on how and what to donate are at the link.
  • Tim talks about the fact that there aren’t a whole lot of the “old guard” of comic bloggers still standing, from that particular wave that included Tim, myself, and pal Dorian. One of these days, with my copious amounts of free time, I should take a look and see who is still around from the days when I first started my site. I think there may be more than we initially suspect. Also, it feels weird that I’m an “old guard” comics blogger…there are plenty of people who’ve been at it much longer, I know (like the all-powerful Neilalien), but I guess 5+ years is nothing to sneeze at, either.
  • Speaking of pal Dorian…in a shocking change of pace, he presents provocative pictures of pretty women in his latest Doctor Who post.
  • Please continue putting your Free Comic Book Day thoughts in this comments section…I’ll be addressing them soon, honest.

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